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Lean Hospital

Introduction to the Lean Hospital
Introduction to the Lean Hospital is a 7-lesson, introductory course. This is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about our approach to Lean in a hospital environment!
Roadmap for the Lean Hospital Online Course
This course is aimed at the busy Lean Hospital Professional, providing tangible tools and knowledge in short lessons that will enable you to make substantial contributions to your Perioperative Services department. You can learn at your own speed and become a more valuable member of your staff. The content of the Roadmap for the Lean Hospital course was developed based on the instructor’s hands-on experience implementing the tools and principles of Lean in Perioperative Services departments across the United States.
Value Stream Mapping in the OR
Value Stream Mapping is a widely accepted flow-charting method used to document all of the process steps required to deliver a product or a service to a customer. By documenting the "current state", the way that the value stream performs today, a process improvement team can analyze the many opportunities to improve the work-flow and create a Master Plan for change. This online course covers all of the elements of a Value Stream Analysis project, including the development of the Current State VSM, the application of Lean Thinking and the creation of improvement ideas or "Kaizen Bursts", the documenting of a time-phased Master Plan, and the drawing of a Future State Value Stream Map.
Introducción al Hospital Lean
Usted se encuentra a solo 90 minutos de incorporar una nueva forma de mirar la organización que fluye a su alrededor. ¡Bienvenido al mundo Lean! (precios indicados en dólares norteamericanos)


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